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You may encounter, be attacked, stalked, injured, frightened, maimed or killed by a puma, mountain lion, cougar, mountain cat, catamount or panther.



  • Don't try to sooth it verbally, as this may backfire
  • Don't bend over, crouch, or kneel
  • Never turn your back on a lion
  • Never, Never run from a lion


  • If you do encounter a lion, try to give it a way out
  • Look a lion in the eye(s)
  • Make loud, firm noises: You may even show your teeth and make snarling sounds
  • Make yourself look big:
    1. Raise your coat, jacket, or any clothing with your arms
    2. Stand up straight, and swell your chest
  • You may back away slowly, if you feel you can retreat
  • Use anything available as a weapon if the lion displays aggression
    (but generally not if you must turn your back, crouch, kneel, or bend over to get one)
    1. Carry mace or pepper spray where you can easily reach it
    2. Use fists, sticks, rocks, tools, a pocket knife, a bicycle,
      whatever you can hit with, throw, and/or use as a shield
    3. Target an eye with your thumbs, fingers, or a weapon

- External Information concerning Mountain Lion Attacks in the U.S.